School and Education
School Routine
Student council Cleaning Lunch/school lunches
Groups, class day-leaders, person in charge, person on duty
School Calendar
School Excursions Medical examination School trips
Graduation ceremony Entrance ceremony Yearly schedule
Emergency drills Sports festival/field day  
Culture festival/school festival
Type of High School
Haebaru High School Tsurumi High School Five-year technical colleges
Ichikawa High School Special training schools Credit-based high schools
Kindergarten Special schools for people with disabilities
Hokkaido Shibecha High School
Osaka Sangyo University High School
Shinjuku Yamabuki High School
Combined junior and senior high schools
Boys' schools, girls' schools
Full-time (daytime) high school and part-time school
Senri International High School
Public schools, private schools
Futsu-ka (general education program), senmon gakka (specialized or vocational programs), sogo gakka (integrated programs)
Club Activity
School Building
School facilities Classroom  
Rules and Regulations
School rules Student ID datebook Uniforms
School Subjects
Foreign languages/English Home economics Textbooks
Class, homeroom Class membership Arts
Class schedule Information science Mathematics
Geography and history Report card Science
Course credits Health and physical education
Civics Japanese language and literature
Post - graduation Planning
Further study ronin freeters
SAT Scholastic Assessment Test
Diversification of university entrance screening procedures
National Center for University Entrance Examinations Test (Senta Shiken)
University Entrance Qualification Certificate Examination
System of recommendation for university entrance
Further study or career planning after high school graduation
School system Boards of education Educational objectives
Teacher Postwar education Educational reform
Parent Teachers Association
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)
High school entrance exams
Fundamental Law of Education
Guidelines for the Course of Study
Breakdown of classes School dropouts Skipping grades
School refusal Bullying/violence in the schools
Liberalization of school districts
Community and Exchange Programs
Sister schools Community service Study abroad
All Japan High School Culture Festival
After - School Study
Homework Preparatory schools / juku

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