Sister schools


Sister schools cooperate with each other in educational, cultural, and other forms of exchange. Under the banner of "internationalization" an increasing number of Japanese schools have established sister relationships with schools overseas. As of July 1, 1999 the aggregate number of sister school relationships was 1,673, 461 for public and 1,212 for private, for a total of 811 schools. Sister schools were concentrated in the United States (441), Australia (387), New Zealand (176), Canada (164), and Korea (156). (From the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology report,Heisei 10-nendo kotogakko ni okeru kokusai koryu nado no jokyo [The Conditions of International Exchange, etc., in High Schools 1998], 1999.)

Although the content of exchange with sister schools varies somewhat, it usually includes courtesy visits and goodwill missions, visits by students and teachers to the sister school, foreign exchange student programs, homestays, sports events, and exchanges of video letters, pictures, photographs, etc.

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