National Center for University Entrance Examinations Test (Senta Shiken)
だいがくにゅうし せんたーしけん

The National Center for University Entrance Examinations holds a two-day examination once a year in January almost simultaneously throughout the country. All national and public universities and over 200 private universities use these exams. In many cases, universities also conduct a second screening with different exams for each faculty and an interview, and use the combined scores of these and the Center exams to select new students. The results are announced by the end of March. A total of 582,000 people (355,000 males and 227,000 females) sat for the Center tests in January 2000. The format is multiple-choice and covers Japanese, geography and history, civics, mathematics, science, and a foreign language of the student's choice. Though most students choose the English test, there are a variety of other foreign languages offered. The results are announced on the Center's website and by a recorded telephone message giving the number held by each successful examinee.

The exam itself is covered on the national news and the exam questions are later published in national newspapers.

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