Community service

Senior high school students participate in community clean-up projects, help with fund-raising bazaars for community facilities for the elderly or the disabled, or collect donations for charities. Other forms of community service include participation in local festivals or cultural activities, and it is quite common for drama, choir and music clubs to perform at various community cultural events.

As members of Boy Scout, Girl Scout, or Senior Scout troops, high school students may also play an active role in activities for local children.

It is very difficult, however, for many students involved in club activities or part-time jobs to find time for community service. Although community involvement is considered an important factor in developing an awareness of what it means to be a member of society, most students have no spare time. In addition, opportunities to participate in community service activities and social acceptance of the need for such involvement remain insufficient. Efforts are now being made to expand avenues for volunteer work and to plan suitable activities as part of the school curriculum and implementation of the five-day school week.



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