Special training schools

Schools that offer practical vocational and special technical training in skills that meet the needs of society. They offer three types of programs: general, advanced, and specialized. Entrance requirements are different for each type of school.
Entry to general-program special training schools is open to all applicants, regardless of their academic record.

Entry to the advanced-program special training schools (called koto senshu gakko) requires a junior high school diploma. Students receive training in specific fields such as hairdressing, computer science, foreign languages, confectionery arts, business, social welfare, medicine, nutrition, accessory design, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering, and also study basic subjects such as Japanese language/literature, mathematics, and English. Students at these schools can also obtain the qualifications necessary for university entrance.

Entry to specialized-program special training schools (called senmon gakko or technical schools) requires a senior high school diploma. They provide vocational training in hairdressing, computer science, foreign language, social welfare, medicine, dressmaking, and other subjects. Graduates receive credentials equivalent to a junior college diploma and are eligible to apply for transfer to a four-year university.

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