Osaka Sangyo University High School
おおさかさんぎょうだいがく ふぞくこうこう

Osaka Sangyo University High School offers an accelerated advancement course for entrance into difficult-to-enter universities (humanities or science), a general education course for entrance into Osaka Sangyo and other universities (humanities or science), a sports course for university entrance aimed at developing athletic performance and mastery of the theoretical aspects of physical education, an international course for entrance to universities and university departments specializing in foreign languages, and an international information science course for university entrance that features a combination of foreign language skills and computer technology.

In addition to regular subjects, students in the sports course are required to cover Theory of Physical Education, Sports I (kendo, wrestling), Sports II (touch football), Outdoor Activities (skating, skiing, tennis), etc. Students who apply to the sports course must promise not to opt for any other school if accepted. 《→koko nyushi 高校入試 high school entrance》In addition, they must join one of the school's twenty-one sports clubs and are expected to perform well not only in the classroom but also through club activities. Many clubs have won or placed among the top ranks in regional and national tournaments. Graduates who go on to university generally major in sports related fields. 《→shingaku 進学 further study》

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