Student council

Seitokai are student self-governing organizations. Officers (president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, auditor, etc.) are elected by the entire student body.

Under the student council, there is a chuo iinkai (central committee), which acts as the decision-making body and has jurisdiction over numerous special committees responsible for activities. These may include, for example, the daihyo iinkai (made up of representatives from each homeroom) 《→kurasu/homu rumuクラス/ホーム・ルーム class/homeroom》, ikatsu iinkai (to discuss ways of enhancing campus life), hoken iinkai (involved with school health-related activities), bika iinkai (in charge of student-led projects to keep the school clean and attractive), taiiku iinkai (for planning and carrying out sports events, etc.), bunka iinkai (for planning and implementing cultural activities), shuppan iinkai (for publishing the school newspaper), hoso iinkai (responsible for announcements, etc. made over the school broadcasting system), tosho iinkai (a committee which helps manage the school library), and bunkasai jikko iinkai (the central organizer for the school culture festival).




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