Diversification of university entrance screening procedures
にゅうがくしゃせんばつの たようか

The number of children in Japan and therefore the number of eighteen-year-olds is annually declining, so the gap between university entrance capacity and the population of eighteen-year-olds is steadily closing. At the same time, universities are seeking students with more emphasis on individual qualities, so established university entrance practices, including the existing Center tests, are being reviewed. New approaches seek to evaluate applicants' abilities and suitability from a variety of perspectives. An increasing number of universities require an interview, submission of a short essay, etc., in addition to scholastic achievement tests. Some use the Admissions Office (AO) Examination to obtain a comprehensive evaluation. The AO Examination selects entrants on the basis of various documents such as the applicant's written reasons for choosing the school and the record of their high school activities, as well as an interview.

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