Groups, class day-leaders, person in charge, person on duty

In Japanese schools, each class 《→kurasu クラス class》 is divided into several han (groups or teams usually comprised of 5 or 6 people), and the students function in these groups for class activities. These may consist of group-study during classes, cleaning duties, serving school lunches, etc. 《→soji 掃除 cleaning》《→kyushoku 給食 school lunches》

In addition, nitchoku (class day-leaders) or shuban (class week-leaders), which change on a daily or weekly basis, are in charge of specific class tasks for that day or week such as roll call, chairing the discussion during homeroom period, making daily announcements and keeping the gakkyu nisshi (class journal).

Each kakari (person in charge) is assigned a specific task essential to the smooth implementation of class activities. Types of kakari include kokuban-gakari (blackboard), gakkyu shinbun-gakari (class newspaper), hoken-gakari (health) as well as one or more kakari for each subject who are responsible for distributing handouts, getting videos ready, and otherwise helping prepare for lessons.







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