Information science

The Guidelines for the Course of Study 《→gakushu shido yoryo 学習指導要領 Guidelines for the Course of Study》 for senior high schools state that the objectives of teaching information sciences are "to impart knowledge and skills for utilizing information and information technology, to cultivate a scientific perspective and approach to information, and to understand the role and impact of information and information technology on society and develop the capacity to keep pace with rapid technological advancements."

Students must complete one credit in Information A, Information B, or Information C.

As of the end of March 1999, 97.7% of elementary schools were equipped with computers, 99.9% of junior high schools, and 100% of senior high schools. The average number of computers per school was 12.9 for elementary schools, 32.1 for junior high schools and 76.4 for senior high schools. The percentage of schools with Internet access [for students] was 27.4% for elementary schools, 42.8% for junior high schools and 63.7% for senior high schools. 《→gakko setsubi 学校設備 school facilities》




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