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From August 13th through 15th and surrounding days, many companies and independently run shops take off three days to a week for O-Bon, the traditional days for honoring the ancestral spirits. Some people take advantage of the season to travel domestically or overseas, and those who have homes or relatives living in the countryside often go back to the places of their ancestral roots for the occasion.
Various summer festivals are held and many municipalities hold firework displays.
Late July through August is the season of summer tournaments for many junior and senior high school sports clubs. For example, the All Japan High School Sports Festival (Zenkoku Koto Gakko Sogo Taiku Taikai; popularly known as “Inter-Hi”) is held, with athletes representing schools in each prefecture competing in sports events, and the All Japan High School Culture Festival) at which high school students from around the country come to give presentations and take part in exchange.
Some schools start up classes at the end of August.

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