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By May, gardens, hills, and mountains are covered with the fresh new foliage. During the consecutive holidays that extend from the end of April into early May—known as “Golden Week”—vacation spots are filled with people and many make trips overseas.
May 5 is Children’s Day (Kodomo no Hi), and families with boys celebrate the occasion by hanging up carp streamers (koi nobori) outside where they will catch the wind and eating a traditional sweet steamed in bamboo leaves called chimaki.
The fine weather of May is also a time when schools hold their annual Field Day/sports festival or take the students on school excursions.
The second Sunday of May is Mother’s Day, and people give their mothers presents and carnations.

Holidays: Constitution Day (Kenpo Kinenbi; May 3); Greenery Day (Midori no Hi; May 5), and Children’s Day (Kodomo no Hi; May 5)

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