Archive The Archives has two sections. The Bookshelf contains PDFs of articles that appeared on the Click Nippon site from 2009 through 2011. These articles were originally published in the newsletters Takarabako and Hidamari.
"How to Teach Culture" presents winning entries from the Contest on Ideas and Examples of How to Teach Culture in Japanese-language Class, held by TJF every other year from 1995 to 1999.

Bento: Packaging Good Food and Human Warmth

  • Bento Times
  • For Healthy and Colorful Bento
  • Bento-making shortcuts
  • Enhancing the enjoyment of eating
  • The sentiments of the Bento maker
  • Bento Day: Students take up the challenge

The New Appeal of Agriculture

© Ohta Masayuki
  • What's Up in Agriculture
  • Direct Links Between Farmers and Consumers
  • Local Consumption of Local Produce
  • Enjoying Farming in the City
  • "Agriculture School Koshien"
  • Vicarious Farming Games

Getting the Most Out of Railways

© JR Central
  • The Railway Boom
  • Various Ways to Enjoy Trains
  • More Ways to Enjoy Railways

The Deai Students: A Sequel

  • Believe in Your Dreams (Tamaki Shun'ichi)
  • I Found My Nich (Yoo Yoo Jin)
  • The Rewards of Ten Years (Yamamoto Takayuki)

Shodo: An Old and New Form of Self-Expression

  • Performance Shodo: New Forms of Expression
  • All Sorts of Expressions
  • Calligraphy in Daily Life
  • Let's Try Shodo!

"Koshien" as Big Stage for High School Students

© Printland ISONO
  • 甲子園(こうしえん) Koshien: Traditional Rite of the Japanese Summer
  • The Special Attraction of "Koshien"
  • Birthplace of Heroes
  • High School Students' Growth Through Baseball
  • History of Koshien
  • Attention for High School Achievement

Go-tochi Boom: We Love Local

  • Rediscovering Local Culture
  • Celebrating Differences

Cell Phones for Communication and Enjoyment

  • Spread of Cell Phones throughout the world
  • A Cell Phone History of Japan
  • Communication
  • Enjoying the Cell Phone
  • Expressing Yourself
  • Smart Use of Your Cell Phone

Living with the Environment in Mind

© 打ち水大作戦本部
  • Reduce: Conserve Energy and Resources, Create Less Trash
  • Which is better for the environment?
  • Recycling: Reuse in a Different Form
  • Reuse: Using Things Again
  • "mottainai"
  • Mottainai Baasan
  • Passing On the Wisdom of Preservation

Dreams and Career Planning

© キッザニア
  • Popular Occupations
  • High School Options, Post-High School Options
  • Higher Education Options
  • Whose Advice Influenced You?
  • Learning about jobs
  • Learning the Fascination of Business
  • Expanding On-the-Job Experience Programs
  • Why Career Education Now?

Games for Cross-Generational Enjoyment

© 相澤正
  • Diversified Uses of Digital Games
  • New Applications of Digital Game Technology
  • The Light and the Dark Sides
  • Digital Games - Treasure Chests of Advanced Technology
  • Popular Board Games and Card Games in Japan

Volunteer Movement Gains Momentum

  • Spreading of Volunteer Activities
  • The Russian tanker Nakhodka oil spill Clean-up
  • What is Volunteering?
  • Volunteer Activities in Schools
  • What Kind of Activities are Common?
  • What Kind of People Volunteer?
  • The Positive Aspects of Volunteering
  • Reasons for Not Engaging in Volunteer Work
  • Volunteer Activities for High School Students

The Joy of Photography

©写真甲子園 2007
  • The Digitization of Photography
  • Taking Photos by Cell Phone
  • Purikura
  • The World of Ume Kayo
  • High School Photography

Gifts from Animals to People

  • History of Japanese Zoos
  • Children's Petting Zoos
  • For Happier Lives in the Zoo
  • A Place to Learn about Life
  • "Faithful Elephants" and the "Elephant Train"
  • Zoo Animals Messengers of Peace
  • Popular Pets
  • Popular Dogs
  • Reasons for Owning Dogs
  • From Stray Cats to Community Cats
  • School Pets

Developing Robots for Daily Life

© 東京大学情報理工学系研究科
  • What is a Robot?
  • Roles of Robots
  • Animation and Robots
  • Manufacturing / ものをつくる
  • Rescue Work / 救助(きゅうじょ)する
  • Part of Daily Life / 人(ひと)とくらす
  • Original Robot Tournaments
  • Robot Kits on Sale

Traditional Games Making a Comeback

  • Merits of Traditional Games
  • Kendama (Cup and Ball / けんだま)
  • Takeuma (Stilts / たけうま)
  • Koma / Beigoma (こま / ベイゴマ)
  • Acrobatic Tops (Kyokugoma / きょくごま)
  • Modern Versions of Traditional Toys
  • Otedama (Beanbags / おてだま)

Soccer as a Popular Sport: Putting Down Roots in Japan

© Sato Masaki
  • History of Soccer
  • History of Japanese Soccer
  • History of Women's Soccer
  • Japanese Women's Soccer
  • Soccer as a Familiar Sport
  • Community- Based Soccer Teams
  • Captain Tsubasa
  • Children's Favorite Sports
  • Why Do We Call It Soccer?
  • The Emblem on the Japanese National Team Uniform


  • he Three Conveniences of Konbini
  • The History of Konbini
  • The POS System Supporting Konbini
  • Konbini ATMs a Hit
  • Development of Products
  • The Appeal of the Onigiri
  • Savoring the Seasons at Konbini
  • Secrets of the Store
  • Popular Onigiri