Archive The Archives has two sections. The Bookshelf contains PDFs of articles that appeared on the Click Nippon site from 2009 through 2011. These articles were originally published in the newsletters Takarabako and Hidamari.
"How to Teach Culture" presents winning entries from the Contest on Ideas and Examples of How to Teach Culture in Japanese-language Class, held by TJF every other year from 1995 to 1999.

Secondary School Level

The History of Japanese Rice

Cultural objectives To understand the origin and significance of rice in Japanese society
To learn proper table manners when eating rice
Target Japnaese expressions To learn Kanji for rice and rice-related vocabulary
Itadakimasu. Gochisoosama
Activities Reading, Writing, Discussion, Task sheet

Do you keep pets?

Cultural objectives To learn about Japanese children of the same age group through a theme on Japanese popculture (Tamagotchi)
Target Japnaese expressions To learn to count small animals
Petto o katteimasu ka. Nambiki katteimasu ka. ippiki, nihiki
Activities Game, Interview and survey

Promoting the Gold Coast

Cultural objectives To understand one's own local area and what it has to offer, and consider how to present this in a way that appeals to people from a different culture, i.e., Japan
To use knowledge of Japan and its people to present information appropriately through discussion and drawing on prior experience
Target Japnaese expressions Making invitations/ suggestions, weather forecasting, listing events, describing situations and describing places of action
(Place) e ikimasu, (Time) ni (vehicle) de ikimasu, dekimasu, ...made, ...kara, etc.
Activities Discussion, Computer Using,

Elementary School Level

Everyday Life in Japan(Mistery Box)

Cultural objectives To comapere everyday life in Japan with that in Australia
To review how to ask questions
Target Japnaese expressions Kore wa nan desu ka. Dono yoo ni tsukaimasu ka
Activities Discussion, Writing

Mixed Pizza

Cultural objectives To develop awareness of the specific food culture of Japan and the US through a Pizza menu
Target Japnaese expressions To review of katakana
To make conversations using new vocabulary and sentence structures learned ...saizu o ...kudasai. Hai, ...saizu o ...desu ne
Activities Role-playing, discussion

Journey in Japan

Cultural objectives To learn the relative locations of the islands and main cities of Japan
To learn about the tourist attractions
Target Japnaese expressions Asking/saying where one is going, with whom one is going somewhere, how one is going somewhere.
To learn names of places/ prefectures/ islands in Japan, names of modes of transport, descriptive words and phrases, tourist
Activities Game