Golden Week

A Stroll through Tsukiji


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At my school, we each choose an activity to participate in during Golden Week. I chose to visit Tsukiji!

Tsukiji Market is the biggest wholesale market in Japan. Every morning, fish that caught all over the place are brought here, where a lot of fancy restaurants come to buy their food. The market records at least 1.7 billion yen in sales per day, and the auction is popular to tourists from both Japan and beyond.

I'll be introducing Tsukiji Market to you in this report. (^O^)/


This is Tsukiji Market! It's crammed with fish shops. Some shopkeepers are explaining how certain fish should be prepared, while others are cutting up tuna with big knives. The floor is always wet, and small three-wheeler cars speed through the narrow aisles.



There were raw oysters! For 300 yen, they'll splash some ponzu (citrus soy sauce) on it and give it to you to eat on the spot--which I did! It was refreshing, and the perfect snack on a hot day.(^◇^)



This is namafu, or raw gluten. No matter where you chop it, the cross-section still looks like a flower. We put it in our pork miso soup for dinner, and the flowers lit up the dish. It has a nice, sticky texture.

☆ Thoughts on my walk ☆
It was fun just walking around, because there were so many different kinds of shops. I was surprised with how much tuna was being sold! I guess it's a popular fish.(^u^)Next time, I'd like to try a sushi restaurant in Tsukiji (because they're known to serve fresh and delicious fish!).

Hinano         Author:Hinano

I am sophomore at the University in Tokyo. I live with my parents in Yokohama. I hand-make all my gifts! I love eating and reading.

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