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I went to the annual summer camp with my mountaineering club on August 1 for 4 days. There were 14 students and 4 teachers. We climbed Aizu Komagadake of Fukushima prefecture, and Hiuchigadake, which is the highest mountain in the Tohoku region. For me, this was my first experience to climb a mountain over 2000 m. I couldn't sleep the night before. ρ(・・、)

We started on Hiuchigadake at 5:30 in the morning. At first we walked on a relatively easy road in the woods. However, this is the highest mountain in the Tohoku region! This was followed by cliffs and very steep uphill sections. I was discouraged and wanted to quit so many times. But I kept telling myself if I could reach the summit of Hiuchigadake, I would be confident. And I did it! When I saw the landscape from the summit, my fatigue was gone! (smile)
My club has a tradition of singing the school song and a song to show appreciation to the mountain at the summit. (・∀・)
All of the club members sang from our heart. (smile)

Some were hurt, some did not feel well, but anyway, it was great that everybody could make it and came home safely. (*^^*)

Fellow club members, well done!!


GAGA         Author:GAGA

I am a first year university student living in Miyagi and am learning sign language at my university as an extracurricular activity.
My hobbies are cooking and music. (*´-`)"

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