Spring Equinox (Setsubun)

Slightly weird but fun events on Setsubun


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Setsubun events are conducted around 3rd of February, every year. People throw beans to drive demons away, chanting "Out with the demons!" "In with happiness and good luck!" to the person who disguised as a demon. They also eat the same number of beans as their age. (I eat a lot more than that because I love beans, though.)

Recently we do not perform punishing demons, but I remember when I was in nursery school, a teacher who disguised as a demon was so scary that I cried.

People eat a rolled Sushi called Eho-maki completely, facing a certain direction without talking. Then they laugh out loud. Every year, our family members burst out laughing when we eat Eho-maki. During this silent eating, I am always about to explode with laughter when I see my family member laughing out loud alone. It may look strange, but people eat that way wishing fruitful year with good health.

I would cherish this slightly weird but wonderful events with good wishes, in the future as well.


TAKA         Author:TAKA

I am in the second grade of high school. I am on my high school softball team. I love listening to pop music and sports. Every day, I study hard and also work hard on my softball with great joy.

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