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My first Cultural Festival in High School


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This year our school cultural festival was held on 25th and 26th of October. We all started preparation of the festival one month before.

The first graders projected motion pictures and performed dances on the stage, whereas the second and the third graders made haunted house in each class room or other programs which became good opportunities for them to interact with the first graders. Some of the extra-curricular activities showcase such as dancing of the dance club and chorus medleys with school brass band were marvelous.

School festivals are good opportunity for students and junior high school students who are about to choose their high school, since they can directly feel the atmosphere of the school.

I participated in the festival of my high school for the first time. I enjoyed it very much.


TAKA         Author:TAKA

I am in the second grade of high school. I am on my high school softball team. I love listening to pop music and sports. Every day, I study hard and also work hard on my softball with great joy.

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