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At my school, a school year is divided into two terms instead of three, and we have a five-day Autumn break in early October in between the terms. However, the break does not actually mean "break" because most of the students at my school attend the "study camp" hosted by the school or spend more time in club activities during the break.lol

The study camp is a two-nights and three days indoor camp where 10th and 11th graders "acquire the habit of studying" by studying all day long. It is not compulsory but nearly half of the students participate in the study camp. We can ask teachers questions any time because teachers for all subjects stay with us.

We, the 11th graders, stayed at the Olympic Center in Yoyogi while the 10th graders stayed at somewhere else during the same period. I took part in the camp. Many students study for the mid-term exams at the end of the month during the study camp.

As you see in the attched chart, we start studying at 8:45 in the morning until 21:30 with a few breaks in between, meaning we study for 7 hours a day. The total studying time in three days amounted to 20 hours! Because we concentrated on our study during the day, we had fun playing with my roommates until late at night!

We had mid-term exams at the end of October. Our Autumn begins with study and ends with study(・_・;

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I am currently in my first year of university. I studied in Finland for one year when I was in high school! I love music, reading books, sports, nature, and communicating with people.

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