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What do you think of Kyara-Ben?

Author:Yoko Nishimura-Parke(NALSSP Languages Support Officer, Secondary Education, Learning and Leadership Directorate, NSW Department of Education and Communities)

Topic/Goals:Annual Events, Ceremonial Occasions、Body and Health、Communication、Comparison、Daily Life、Food、Link with Other Subjects、Perspective、Self, Family, and Friends


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By reading an article of a father who makes Kyara-Ben, students will learn about Kyara-Ben as a Japanese food culture and understand what he wants to express through making them. Students will also design their own Kyara-Ben and explain their thoughts for each item. The recipes of Kyara-Ben are available to expand the lesson to cross curricular learning.


• Read the article to learn about Kyara-Ben as a Japanese food culture.
• Learn the expressions and vocabulary used in the article.
• Design a Kyara-Ben and present it in Japanese.

Target Year 11, year 12
Japanese Level Advanced

What to prepare


1.The teacher distribute a handout.

2.Read the handout and the class discusses following the questions.
(1) Why do you think Mr Arao make Kyara-Ben?
(2)What kind of message do you think Mr Arao's Kyara-ben give to his children?
(3)Compare a Kyra-ben and your usual lunch. What are the similarities and what are the differences.
(4)What are the pros and cons of Kyara-ben?
(5)Imagine your parent prepared a Kyara-ben for you on your school event. How would you feel? How would you like it?

3.Do the Language activities.
Make a glossary with the new vocabulary you learned in this article.

4.The teacher hands out the workshieet and students do tasks and write down their answers.
Find the sentences in the article, in which the following patterns are used.
A: Copy the sentence
B: Write its meaning in English
C: Create your own sentence using the pattern. Organise your notebook like the table in the worksheet.
  ●むすめも、クラスのみんなも、びっくりしたそうです。(I heard that my daughter and her class friends are surprised.)
  ●今、日本では、さくらがきれいだそうです。(I heard that the cherry blossoms are pretty in Japan at the moment.)

5.Students imagine the situations and make conversations.
(1)Create a conversation between Mr Arao's daughter and her classmate who are on an excursion.
(2)Create a conversation between Mr Arao and his colleague at work on the day before his daughter's excursion.
(3)You are Mr Arao. Today was your son's school excursion, and you made kyara-ben for him. Write a blog of the day.
(4)Pair work: One of you take the role of Mr Arao, another of you take the role of the interviewer. Create a dialogue in the form of interview according to the information in the article.

6.The teacher hands out the A3papers. Students design a Kyara-ben for your family member or your classmate, and draw it on A3 paper.
What would you consider? Explain your thoughts behind each item in your Kyara-ben.

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