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Compare Japanese Valentine's Day and yours

Author:Yoko Nishimura-Parke(NALSSP Languages Support Officer, Secondary Education, Learning and Leadership Directorate, NSW Department of Education and Communities)

Topic/Goals:Annual Events, Ceremonial Occasions、Communication、Comparison、Exchange、Food、Link with Other Subjects、Perspective、School Life、Self, Family, and Friends、Social Life


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Target year 10, year 11, year 12
Japanese Level Intermedieate - Advanced

What to prepare


1.The teacher distribute a handout.

2.Students find the following expressions in Japanese and write the answers.
(1)Now it's the era of "Tomo-choko"! ______________
(2)Between girls _________________________________
(3)Hand made _________________________________
(4)More than 100 _________________________________
(5)The senior students in my club activity ________________________
(6)Laugh/Hahaha ____________________________
(7)Happy event ____________________________

3.The class discusses following the discussion points.
• According to 'nuts', what is the new way of celebrating Valentine's Day?
(Or According to 'nuts', how is Valentine's Day celebrated differently than in the past?)
• Do you have similar events where you exchange hand-made gifts? In what way would hand-made gifts be different from purchased gifts?
• How does 'nuts' feel about the wrapping of the gifts? What is your opinion about gift wrapping?
• Ask your parents or grandparents if they have noticed that the way of celebrating a certain event has significantly changed. Why do you think it's changed?

4. Students write an email to Nuts explaining how people celebrate Valentine's Day in own country/community.

5.Students imagine you are an exchange student who received a Tomo-choko from 'nuts'.
Create a conversation between you and 'nuts'.

6.Students make your own vocabulary list.

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