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Let's research and discuss about Japanese culture

Author:Yoshie Burrows (Loreto College, Australia)

Topic/Goals:Communication、Comparison、ICT Literacy、Perspective、Spare Time and Sports


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Respond critically to spoken and written texts
which reflect aspects of the language and culture of Japanese-speaking communities.

Target Year 12
Japanese Level Advanced
What to prepare


1. Students read the extracted information from My Way Your Way in Japanese.

2. Students do further research by reading the bilingual texts from My Way Your Way, interviewing Japanese students and studying YouTube Clip on the selected topic.

3. Students collect the data and prepare the evidence for the report. They use the original text to quote in the report.

4. Write a report in 600 -700characters in Japanese and discuss this topic with the teacher.

5. Discussion is 8 mins including the 1 min introduction.

Comments from students

  1. It was highly relevant because she could read the article written by the person who actually performed おた芸.
    Choosing a contemporary topic such as this can be challenging but very rewarding.
    Using this topis is highly recommended.
    It would be fun to make the oral assessor laugh because the topic is so unique.By using the
  2. ClickNippon, we can study not only language but also Japanese culture. Because it is written by a Japanese person, we do not have to worry about the accuracy of the information or Japanese expressions used. Furthermore it is also good to be able to access advanced levels of vocabulary and grammar, and not just simple Japanese. Because I can get used to natural Japanese expressions, extend my level of Japanese, and be able to read authentic Japanese, I look forward to using "Click Nippon" in the near future.

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