Winter Solstice

☆ Feeling warm with Pumpkin and Yuzu citron☆


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The shortest day and the longest night of the year (winter solstice) is called "Toji" in Japanese. The winter solstice of 2014 fell on Dec 22nd.

In Toji, people take bath with the Yuzu citron (Citrus junos) and eat braised pumpkin.

Toji bath and braised pumpkin is to warm the body and prevent one from catching a cold!

This year, together with my mother, I made the braised pumpkin as usual.


Three Yuzu citrons were floating on in the bath. ε-(´∀` )

I would like to continue practicing this kind of Japanese custom in the future as well!

Shiu-chan         Author:Shiu-chan

I am in the third grade of high school. I love k-pop so I study Korean. I am looking forward to talking about high school life and Japanese culture. ^^ Thank you very much.♪

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