Summer Vacation

Summer holidays full of memories


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In the middle of July, I went on a trip to Izu with my family. We swam in the sea during the day and slept in a tent on a campsite at night.

It was great to be surrounded by nature again after all this time, leaving urban life behind, and I felt very refreshed.

osashimi izu.jpg

umi izu.jpg

I also went to Shimane Prefecture to stay at my grandmother's house.

We did things like grilling eels that my grandma had bought, and strolling along the beach. I thoroughly enjoyed my summer days in the countryside.

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sora shimane.jpg

I also went to watch sports and see my friends performing, since this was the last summer for many of them to play sports and music as their high school club activity.

I watched swimming, soccer, a chorus group performance, cheerleaders, and music played by the band club at my school. My friends who put so much effort into each activity were so cool. I was very impressed by them.

Soon after the summer holidays, I was so depressed to have tests from homework assignments. I am now getting accustomed to my high school life in Japan again.

Natsu         Author:Natsu

I am currently in my first year of university. I studied in Finland for one year when I was in high school! I love music, reading books, sports, nature, and communicating with people.

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