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Activity 1:
Describe Other's Family
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2002/3 US 高橋恵、清塚千穂、久保田竜子
Takahashi Megumi, Kiyozuka Chiho, Kubota Ryuko
Chapel Hill High School
Self, Family and Friends
The students will "meet" the family members of the Deai people, and find out diversity of Japanese family, as the students study family terms in Japanese.

From the Deai photo sheets:
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Deai friends
MY-P01 OK-P01 SM-P01 TS-P01 YK-P01 YT-P01 YY-P01          

Deai family members
MY-P06 MY-P07 MY-P08 OK-P08 OK-P09 SM-P09 TS-P08 TS-P09 TS-P10 YK-P06 YK-P07 YT-P10
YT-P11 YY-P08 YY-P09 YY-P10                

Deai families
MY-P05 OK-P07 SM-P08 TS-P07 YK-P05 YT-P09 YT-P11 YY-P07        

Worksheets and other materials:

- Wall map of Japan, one on a transparency, or CD-ROM 2 to show where Deai friends live.
- Worksheet #1-1 Deai Friends and Worksheet#1-2 Map of Japan
- Worksheet #2 Information-Gap Sheet: Deai Families
- Article: Family Life (Japan Information Network. (2002). Electronic References.
Retrieved Mar. 2, 2002, from

Family forms (7 min.)
- The students will discuss a question on the board in groups of five: "What forms of family exist in your culture?" "What forms of family do you think exist in Japan?"
- A facilitator in each group will present their ideas to the class.
- The teacher will tell the class that they will discover the answers through learning about Deai families today. (Do not conclude anything at this point.)

Deai friends (13 min.)
- The teacher will introduce each of the Deai friends orally, holding their Deai photo sheets. (MY-P01, OK-P01, SM-P01, TS-P01, YK-P01, YT-P01, YY-P01). Tell their profiles including their ages, grades, and places of residence in Japan. Make sure that the students can pronounce the Deai friends' names properly. The students will fill out Worksheet #1 as they listen to the introductions. The teacher will show where they live by using a wall map or CD-ROM 2. [Map or CD-ROM2, Worksheet #1]
- Check answers.

Vocabulary (15 min.)
- Introduction of family terms.
The teacher shows some families from Deai and introduces each member in Japanese. Situations: The family is going to host you in Japan in spring break. (MY-P05, OK-P07, SM-P08, TS-P07, YK-P05, YT-P09, YT-P11, YY-P07)
- Drill the family terms with the pictures.
- Review how to ask and answer ages with the Deai family.
- Information gap using a Deai family.
Each student will get a different set of information about a Deai family. They need to gather information about all other families from their classmates by asking questions. [Worksheet #2]

Guessing game (15 min.)
- In groups of five, the students will have a couple of panels of Deai families. A group member holds a panel and others guess whose family it is. The Deai friend's face needs to be covered with a sticky note.
(MY-P06, P07, P08 / OK-P08, P09 / SM-P09 / TS-P08, P09, P10 / YK-P06, P07, / YT-P10, P11 / YY-P08, P09, P10)

Panel Holder これは だれの おかあさん ですか。
Others ええと、〜さんの おかあさん ですか。
Panel Holder (Looking at the description behind the panel,)
はい、そうです。 or いいえ、ちがいます。
Others じゃあ、〜さんの おかあさん ですか。etc.
- Pass a panel to another group and do the same.

Family structure (continued) (10 min.)
- The students will share what they have discovered about family structures in Japan through Deai families.
- Read an article about Japanese families and deepen insight into how families in Japan have changed and what problems exist with regard to modern Japanese families. [Article]
- Discuss whether similar issues and transition exist in the U.S. or not.

Answer to Worksheet #1-1:
1. とし 16さい こうこう2ねんせい
2. とし 17さい こうこう3ねんせい
3. とし 16さい こうこう1ねんせい
4. とし 17さい こうこう3ねんせい
5. とし 18さい こうこう3ねんせい
6. とし 18さい こうこう3ねんせい
7. とし 18さい こうこう3ねんせい

Answer to Worksheet #1-2:
ほっかいどう しべちゃちょう 3
とうきょう 2
よこはま 1
おおさか 7
きょうと 6
ひめじ 5
おきなわ 4

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