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Self, Family, Friends A Day in the Life

Others: Places of interest in Japan
" Linking Deai to the NSW Continuers syllabus"
Ayumi Dalpadado
(NSW Department of Education and Training)
Find your DEAI student!...An activity for HSC preparation.  English / Japanese

General activity for high school senior students. This activity can be used for HSC preparation. First, students choose the correct photos from seven photos in the same theme on a desk. Second, they introduce their DEAI student to other groups. Lastly, they write their own introduction about the same themes.
Ehara Yukiko
(Japanese Consultant, NSW Department of Education and Training)
Self, Family, Friends  
  "Unit Based on QLD Syllabus Activity:
Meet the Friends"

(1) Students are getting to know about Japanese teenagers comparing new given information about them with the stereotype of a Japanese teenager. (2) Students discuss the similarities and differences of teenager life in both Australia and Japan.
Gomura Chizuko
(Birkdale State School)
Self, Family, Friends Food School and Education
  "Life of Young People"

Students study the daily lives of the Deai students in comparison to their own. Reading about one of the Deai student's concerns and problems, learners come up with ways to solve or cope with them. Provides texts revised for students of intermediate level.
Himiko Negishi-Wood
(The Japan Foundation Sydney Language Centre)
Social Life and Communication  Spare Time

Others: Leisure, Future plans, Issues
"Our lunch times"

Students learn about Mizushima Yu's lunchtime by predicting from the photo and reading what Yu reports about her lunchtime. They learn strategies for understanding authentic writing. They gain first hand information on how the group spends lunchtime and an insight into the topics and level of language required if they want to "belong" to such a group. There is a deliberate grammar focus on the use of the adjectival or relative clause.
Pamela Carpenter
(Professional Support and Curriculum Directorate
NSW Department of Education & Training)
 Self, Family, Friends "Write to a Friend" English / Japanese

Learners will learn about the Deai students and compare the Deai students with themselves. Then write a letter to the Deai students.
Ryumon Akiko
(Blackburn High School)
 Self, Family, Friends " Mini-Unit with Deai: Research presentation on a Deai student"

This mini unit was prepared to provide my students with an opportunity to practice their oral presentation skills. The first few lessons were used so that they will get to know the Deai students and collect facts necessary for their presentation within the limited time. The students are in the final year of International Baccalaureate Japanese AB initio program. They were to prepare for their oral final exam, which was scheduled in 2 weeks following Day 1 of this project.
Mieko Ito-Fedrau
(Harry Ainlay High School)

Body and Health Self, Family, Friends Spare Time


In this lesson, students will:
-compare and contrast how people in Japan and Canada promote healthy lifestyles.
-discuss life styles of themselves and their peers and determine their health levels.
Sachiko Omoto Renovich
(Burnaby Mountain Secondary School)
1) Clothing and Fashion

2) Transportation Nature and the environment
1) "The Meaning of Fashion"

This is a unit plan on the theme of clothing. After studying basic nouns and verbs associated with clothing, students engage in content-based studies on topics like kimono, the pros and cons of uniforms, and their personal fashion preferences. Ultimately, this lesson gets students thinking about clothing and encourages critical thinking.

2) "The Deai Students and Transportation"
/ Japanese

In this lesson plan, students re-examine how they look at maps by looking at maps of the world produced in different countries. Students also compare and contrast the nature of transportation facilities in japan and their own culture by studying the ways that the Deai students commute to school.
Yazawa Michiko
(Alberta Learning , Alberta)
A Day in the Life Spare Time Self, Family, Friends

Social Environment

1) "Communication through Media"

2) "Now I am Here"

3) "A Day in the Life"

4) "Tell Me about Your Pastime"

In the "Now I Am Here" activity, students create a personal history, describing themselves from the time they were born to the present, their family, town, and events in society.

Arakawa Yohei
(Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
1) School and Education  A Day in the Life

2) Self, Family, Friends Social Environment
1) "Let's Look at School Life in Japan"
English / Japanese

This lesson plan examines daily life at Japanese high schools through things like class schedules, school calendars, uniforms, school rules, and school pamphlets.

2) "Time Machine Interview" English / Japanese

In this activity students will think about what has and has not changed in the past generation as they compare photos of the Deai students' daily lives with similar photos from an era when the parents of the Deai students were themselves teenagers. Students will interview someone of the previous generation about what life was like when he or she was the student's age, thinking about which things are different now, which are the same, and why.
Yabe Mayumi
(Waseda University)
1) School and Education Spare Time

 2) School and Education Spare Time

Social Environment
Others: Local Activities
1) "Club Activities at School"

2) "Club Activities at School (for senior level)"

Can be tailored for beginning and upper-level students. Includes a variety of activities like bingo, matching games, role-playing and giving advice, reading selections for students of intermediate level, and more. Employs pictures from CD-ROM 1 of club activities by high school students other than the seven Deai students.
Kitagawa Itsuko
(Former Japanese language advisor to Australia)
Self, Family, Friends  Ceremonial Occasions

Annual Events  Social Environment

Others: Rites of Passage
"The Big Moments of My Life / Growing Up in a Culture"

Students compare and contrast annual Japanese holidays, events, and rites of passage to those of their own society. Includes a visit to Japanese schools or Japanese communities in the area to find out about or participate in various annual events.
Murano Ryoko
(Gakushuin University)
Food "Eating Habits"

Students explore eating habits in Japan today though challenging reading tasks. They also describe their own eating habits in writing.
Gabriele Harris
(St. Vincent College)
U. K.
Self, Family, and Friends "Family"

"Family (Advanced)"

These activities on the theme of family were created for integration with commonly used textbook. Family trees, crossword puzzles, and other worksheets are also provided.
Hanzawa Chiemi, Kawano Yoko (The University of Iowa) U.S.
Self, Family, and Friends A Day in the Life 1) "Cultural Mystery"

Students were given a photo to look at from the DEAI project profile of Yu Mizushima. Each photo was selected in particular as a topic of interest and unknown cultural background in comparison to the student's knowledge base about the language and culture of Japan.
This activity was done in conjunction with the regular classroom teacher and included the areas of Social Studies and Language Arts.

2) "What I Like"

The purpose of the use of the DEAI profiles for this activity was to get students to initiate and sustain a spontaneous conversation about likes/dislikes and things that people are doing/do in their daily lives.

3) "My Family and Yours"

The students, as part of a final performance assessment for the Unit on Wisconsin Heritage make and present a family tree that includes their family's heritage as well as the members of their family. Each student also expands on their family tree information, selecting members of their family that they choose to share other information about, such as name, age, likes/dislikes, etc. Using the DEAI project, student learn and review titles for family members, as well as learn the culturally acceptable titles for family members.
Lynn Sessler
(Clovis Grove Elementary School)
1) Food Social Environment

2) Self, Family, and Friends  Social Environment
1)"Acculturation of Food Culture"
English / Japanese

2)"Culture and the Individual"
English / Japanese

A series of ambitious lesson plans designed for advanced students, on such themes as "acculturation of food culture," and "culture and the individual".
Shimano Masatoshi
(St. Paul's School)
1) A Day in the Life

2) Self, Family and Friends
1) "Daily Routine"

2) "Shattering Stereotypes" , "Profile Jigsaw" , ""Me" Project" , "Fly Swatter Review Game"

Five activities for getting to know the Deai students. In one of them, students create a family crest for one of the Deai students after obtaining historical information about Japanese family crests.
Rachel Lichtig
(Brookline High School)
Self, Family and Friends "Family"  English / Japanese

The students learn vocabulary and phrases about families in Japanese. At the end of the unit, the students are able to give an oral presentation about themselves and their families, and to write about their family using genko yoshi. The unit also explores some cultural issues of families in Japan. All the activities include worksheets.
Takahashi Megumi,
Kiyozuka Chiho,
Kubota Ryuko

(Chapel Hill High School)
Self, Family and Friends Food

Housing Clothing and Fashion

A Day in the Life
"Japanese Family"  English / Japanese

Students study the lifestyle of a Japanese family. Pretending they are members of the family, they give a presentation to introduce themselves.
Aoki Kasumi
(Glencoe High School, OG)
School and Education  Social Life and Communication

Myself, Family, and Friends
"After school club activities" English / Japanese

Five activities for use with the Genki text focusing on high school clubs. Students learn about the club activities of the Deai students in comparison to their own. Can also be used with articles from the TJF Newsletter.
Ashihara-Lee Mie
(Lick-Wilmerding High School)
Spare Time A Day in the Life

Shopping and Part-time Work  Social Life and Communication

Others: Pop Culture
"How do you spend your weekend?"
English / Japanese

Five activities on the topic of spare time. After comparing and contrasting their own free time activities with those of the Deai students, learners directly query Japanese college students about their spare time.
Kano Yoko
(University of North Carolina, Wilmington, NC)
Myself, Family, and Friends  School

A Day in the Life
"Would you like to become a 'Big Brother or Big Sister' to one of the Deai students?"

A 10-12-week-long semester project for university or upper-level learners titled "Would you like to become a 'Big Brother or Big Sister' to one of the Deai students?"
Morita Kiyoko
(Tufts University, MA)
Myself, Family, and Friends  Housing

Social Life and Communication
"Talking about a Family Picture"

Facilitates language learning through encounters with Japanese culture. Comprised of sixteen units including topics like introductions, home, family, school, friends, etc.
Noda Mari
(The Ohio State University)
Myself, Family, and Friends  School and Education

"Introducing Japanese Friends"

Students learn about the family structure, school lives and particularly the lunch situations of the seven Deai students, examining background factors and comparing their own ways of eating lunch and socializing at school.
Tabuse Motoko
(Eastern Michigan University),
Faye Valtadoros
(Lakeview High School)
Myself, Family, and Friends  Social Environment "Multimedia Presentation about Deai Students"
English / Japanese
Students work in groups to create a multimedia presentation about one of the Deai students, incorporating photos and Web links.
Kate Yonezawa
(The Catlin Gabel Middle School)
1) Myself, Family, and Friends Social Environment

2) Clothing and Fashion Shopping and Part-time Work

3) Social Environment
1) "Let's Meet the Deai Characters, and Describe Your New Friends and Classmates"

2) "Clothing, Shopping, and Your Opinion About Fashion"

3) "Find Out Where the Deai Characters Live, and Talk About the Temperature and Weather"
Keiko Schneider U.S.

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