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2002/3 US 高橋恵、清塚千穂、久保田竜子
Takahashi Megumi, Kiyozuka Chiho, Kubota Ryuko
Chapel Hill High School
Self, Family, and Friends
The topic of the unit is family. The students will learn vocabulary and phrases about families in Japanese. At the end of the unit, the students will be able to make an oral presentation about themselves including their families, and to write about them using genkoo yooshi. The students will engage in practice through learning about Deai families. Cultural issues of families in Japan will also be explored.

60 minutes x 12 classes

Day 1 (60 minutes)
Describe Other's Family
Activity 1

Worksheet #1-1, #1-2
Worksheet #2

Day 2 (60 minutes)    
Describe Your Own Family
Activity 2 Warm-up Sheet A
Worksheet #3
Day 3 (60 minutes)    
Describe Personalities of Familiy Members
Activity 3 Warm-up Sheet B
Day 4 (60 minutes)    
Why You Like Somebody
Activity 4 Warm-up Sheet C
Worksheet #4-1, #4-2
Worksheet #5
Day 5-7 (60 minutes x 3 classes)    
Deai Friends Presentation Activity 5

Presentation Format
Worksheet #6
Warm-up Sheet D
Warm-up Sheet E
Outline of Group

Day 8-10 (60 minutes x 3 classes)    
Self-Introductory Speech Activity 6

Presentation Format
Worksheet #6
Outline of Individual

Day 11 (60 minutes)    
Composition Activity 7

Presentation Format
Warm-up Sheet F

Day 12 (60 minutes)    
Critical Thinking about Japanese Families Activity 8

Worksheet #7

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