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Activity 7:
Date: Country: Author (copyright) : Themes:
2002/3 US bAːAvۓcq
Takahashi Megumi, Kiyozuka Chiho, Kubota Ryuko
Chapel Hill High School
Self, Family and Friends
The students will write about themselves and their families on genkoo yooshi. The compositions could be mailed to a high school in Japan.

Worksheets and other materials:

- Presentation Format
- Genkoo yooshi
- Warm-up Sheet F: Genkoo Yooshi

Warming up (5 min.)
- The students will find difference and similarities between Japanese and English composition individually, looking at Warm-up Sheet F.

Genkoo Yooshi (15 min.)
a. The students will discuss the topic in step 1 in groups of five.

b. The class will discuss the topic and list basics of using genkoo yooshi.
- The first line is for topic. Three boxes are left on top.
- The second line is for the author's class and name started about the middle of the line.
- The third line should be left out.
- Writing starts from the second box of the fourth line.
- The beginning of every paragraph starts from the second box after the previous line.
- Each punctuation marker takes one box.
- Put punctuation markers and small letters on the upper right corner of a box.

Rewriting Self-Introduction (25 min.)
a. The class will discuss what changes should be made when they rewrite their self-introduction from the Presentation Format to a written format.
- Omit hesitation remarks.
- Omit greetings.
- Consider paragraphs.
b. The students will write their self-introduction on genkoo yooshi.

Proofreading (15 min.)
- The students will exchange their writings and proofread each other's work.
- The students will make corrections.

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