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Activity 5:
Deai Friends Presentation
Date: Country: Author (copyright) : Themes:
2002/3 US 高橋恵、清塚千穂、久保田竜子
Takahashi Megumi, Kiyozuka Chiho, Kubota Ryuko
Chapel Hill High School
Self, Family and Friends
The students, in groups, will make a presentation about Deai friends and their families after they gather information from the panels. The group activity is meant to help them ready for their individual presentation.

From the Deai photo sheets:

Worksheets and other materials:

- Presentation Format
- Worksheet #6 : ListeningWorksheet
- Warm-up Sheet D: "demo" and "dakara"
- Warm-up Sheet E: Self-introduction Phrases
- Outline of Group Presentation

Warm-up (5 min.)
- Warm-up Sheet D: Demo and Dakara
- Answer check

Outline of the Presentation (15 min.)
- Explain the content, assessment, due date, etc. with Outline of Group Presentation
- Review saying each item on Presentation Format.
- Grouping

Gathering Information (40 min.)
- Reading Deai panels, the students will gather information about their assigned Deai friends. Fill out the Presentation Format.

Warm-up (5 min.)
- Warm-up Sheet E: Self-introduction Phrases
- Answer check

Gathering Information Continued (25 min.)
- Continue and finish gathering information about Deai friends.

Practice of Presentation (30 min.)
- Brainstorm what good presentation is (eye contact, gestures, use of notes, voice volume, etc.). Go over the assessment tool on Outline of Group Presentation.
- Group practice of presentation.

Warm-up (5 min.)
- The students get ready for presentation.

Presentation (45 min.)
Each group has presentation for five minutes. Each audience fills out the Worksheet #6.

Reflection and Discussion (10 min.)
- The students will go back to the group and discuss what went well, what did not, and what could have been done to improve the presentation. Write their comments down and submit to the teacher.
- Discuss which family (member) is similar to the students' own families (family member).

Answers to Warm-up Sheet D:

1. だから
2. でも
3. でも
4. でも
5. でも
Answers to Warm-up Sheet E:
name G
age D
personality B
hobby E
family F
sum up H
closing C

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