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Activity 6:
Self-introductory Speech
Date: Country: Author (copyright) : Themes:
2002/3 US 高橋恵、清塚千穂、久保田竜子
Takahashi Megumi, Kiyozuka Chiho, Kubota Ryuko
Chapel Hill High School
Self, Family and Friends
The students will introduce themselves in a presentation format individually. It could be videotaped and sent to a school in Japan.

Worksheets and other materials:

- Presentation Format
- Worksheet #6 : Listening Worksheet
- Outline of Individual Presentation
- Topic Cards

Outline of the Presentation (20 min.)
- Explain the content, assessment, due, etc. with Outline of Individual Presentation
- Review each item on Presentation Format with a transparency. An example is given based on a Deai friend's information. Pose between lines so that the students have time to fill out Presentation Format with their own information.

Presentation Format
どうぞ よろしく おねがいします。

Pair Practice (15 min.)
- Review important items for presentation. (volume of voice, posture, eye-contact, pronunciation, etc.)
- Practice in pairs and give feedback to each other. At this point, the students may use Presentation Format.

Topic Cards (10 min.)
- Introduce Topic Cards, which tell only topics of the presentation. The students should be able to do their presentation with the cards, not with the Presentation Format.

Mock Presentation (15 min.)
- One or two students will volunteer to give a mock presentation to the class.
- Exchange feedback.

Warm-up (5 min.)
- The students will individually practice for the presentation.

Presentation (55 min.)
- Each student will give a presentation.
- While listening to the presentation, the students will take notes on the Worksheet #6.
- The students will ask and answer questions about the contents of the presentation in Japanese. Introduce the phrase, "Shitsumon wa arimasu ka?"
- Give feedback after each presentation.

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