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Activity 4:
Why You Like Somebody
Date: Country: Author (copyright) : Themes:
2002/3 US 高橋恵、清塚千穂、久保田竜子
Takahashi Megumi, Kiyozuka Chiho, Kubota Ryuko
Chapel Hill High School
Self, Family and Friends
The students will tell and write how they like their family members and others. Using conjunctions "dakara" and "demo," the students will exchange information about personalities of different people and give reasons why they do or do not like them (to explain why they like them).

From the Deai photo sheets:

Worksheets and other materials:

- Warm-up Sheet C: Personalities
- Worksheet #4-1 Mirror Image Activity (Warm-up)
- Worksheet #4-2 Mirror Image Activity (Main Application)
- Worksheet #5: Demo and Dakara

Warm-up (5 min.)
- Warm-up Sheet C: Personalities
- Answer Check
- Photos of the teacher's family

Review and Mirror Image Activities (15 min.)
- Review personalities with the picture cards.
- Worksheet #4-1 Mirror Image Activity (Warm-up) [Haruichiban p.300]
*Directions are on the handout.
- Worksheet #4-2 Mirror Image Activity (Main Application) [Haruichiban p.301]
*Directions are on the handout.

Demo/Dakara Introduction (5 min.)
- The teacher will introduce his/her family and make the students guess the meanings of "demo" and "dakara".

これは ちち です。ちちは やさしい です。だから すき です。
これは はは です。ははは きびしい です。でも すき です。

Listening Practice (7 min.)
- While listening to the teacher explain the Sakais, a Deai family (SM-P08), the students will fill out Worksheet #5.
- Check answers.

Grammar Practice (8 min.)
- Worksheet #5:
The students will choose between "dakara" and "demo".
- Check answers.

Dialogue Practice (10 min.)
- The students practice the following dialogues in pairs.

A. Situation: talking about your best friend/boyfriend/girlfriend.
A: しんゆうは だれ ですか。
B: 〜さん/くん です。
A: どんな ひと ですか。
B: 〜(な)ひと です。でも/だから すき です。
A: そうですか。
B. Situation: talking about teachers
A: いちじかんめは なんですか。
B: すうがく です。
A: せんせいは だれ ですか。
B: スミスせんせい です。
A: どんな せんせい ですか。
B: やさしいです。だから すきです。
- Several pairs demonstrate the dialogue they created.

Writing (10 min.)
- The students will write about their families to Michi in a letter format, using Worksheet #5 as an example.
- Several students will share the letters to the class.

Answers to Warm-up Sheet C:
1. J 7. C
2. K 8. M
3. E 9. B
4. H 10. L
5. F 11. G
6. D 12. I
Answers to Worksheet #5:
A. 7
B. gentle, Therefore, likes
C. energetic, Therefore, likes
D. cool, Therefore, likes
E. energetic, Therefore, likes
F. Chiba, However, Hokkaido

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