Class Ideas

Overcoming the Hurdles in Life

Author:Jang Ilyeong / Duksung Girls' High School

Topic/Goals:Communication、Social Environment


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1) Discuss your thoughts based on the article about the track and field athlete.
2) Discuss and express your thoughts to your friends after reading the article.


Read carefully "Making the Most of Your Opportunities" and embrace the author's statement.

Target High school students
Japanese Level Beginner
What to prepare

"Making the Most of Your Opportunities from My Way Your Way Never Give Up Your Dreams" Vol 2 in the Click Nippon website.
(Display the website on a large screen.)
※ Adjust the language on the website to agree with the level of the students (in Japanese or English).


  1. Introduce the Click Nippon website and explain the purpose of the topic and the class objectives.
  2. Read the text.
  3. Think about the language, statement, and key words.
    - Write your ideas in your notebook.
    - Discuss with students sitting near you.
  4. Summarize your ultimate ideas and opinions after shareing your thoughts to the messages from Making the Most of Your Opportunities.

Comments from students

・It was incomparable with what I have been through. I have yet to work hard and will endeavor with whatever comes my way.

・This story gave me courage. The athlete did not give up his dreams just because he had no legs. Striving for his dreams was encouraging and really something. I though I could and should do more. I give up doing things too easily but now I want to try harder without giving up.

・I always felt sorry when I saw the disabled but after reading Making the Most of Your Opportunities, I want to look at them as hard-working people. I do not want to look down at them and feel sorry for them. They should be respected as they are working harder than others.

・There are people progressive although they are less fortunate than me. I started to wonder what I was doing. It was encouraging to read Making the Most of Your Opportunities because I was having an array of problems but now feel that I am ready to face and resolve my problems.

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