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【Online Teaching Support】Reports from teachers in USA, Canada and Korea


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Reports from teachers
・California, USA
Live lessons: It is difficult to cover the same amount as usual, so we have reduced the teaching content. Some students have audio issues and others have Wi-Fi connection issues, but they are all making an effort. They seem to enjoy lessons in which they can play some games.

・Vancouver, Canada
Blended: Compared to face-to-face lessons, students have fewer chances to talk to each other, but they seem to be happy learning online.

・University in Korea (Beginners)
Live lessons: We use an online tool in which students can share information and teach each other, together with our standard tools. This is to overcome the lack of an immediate response when they have questions, which they do not face in the classroom situation. For a change of pace, I include activities such as listening comprehension (transcription) quizzes, mathematical quizzes that relate to Japan, and reading quizzes using real menus and prices from websites of Japanese convenience stores and fast-food restaurants. Both teachers and students are nervous as they are constantly being watched on the screen. It is important to give students opportunities to interact with each other so that they can take a breather.

Please tell us about your teaching during the pandemic. Send us your information using the URL below. Answers are optional and can be brief.


We look forward to sharing our ideas and experience in this way.

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