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Creative Jobs―LINE Stamps Are Not Pictures but Words!?

Author:Yoko Nishimura-Parke



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Explore the meanings of stamps used in SNS and their roles in communication. Then create your own stamps to express your feelings.

Target Senior high school level or higher
Japanese Level Advanced
What to prepare


1. Questions to help students' comprehension
a) Yosistamp says 「スタンプは絵じゃないんですよ。文字なんです」. Explain why he thinks so.
b) How did Yosistamp acquire the design techniques he uses?
c) According to Yosistamp, what kinds of animals are popular?
d) What does Yosistamp spend the most time on when he creates stamps? Why?
e) Does Yosistamp have any rules regarding his working style?
f) Make a list of ways Yosistamp prepares himself for creating popular stamps.

2. Discussion points
g) Yosistamp said 「スタンプは絵じゃないんですよ。文字なんです」. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Explain why.
h) Yosistamp said「人間関係の上で、どんな表現が使われるのかを考えたり、会話を予想したりします」when he creates stamps. Discuss why he thinks about these things.
i) Do you often use LINE stamps or other SNS stamps? What kind of stamps do you use? If you don't, why not?
j) What is the effect of using stamps? What difference does the use of stamps make?

3. Creative task 
k) Create stamps that express feelings or emotions. Make a class collection of handmade stamps. Under each stamp, write the feeling or emotion in Japanese, e.g., 「ありがとう」「ごめんなさい」「たいくつです」「ケーキがじょうずにできてうれしい」「すごいしっぱいをしてしまった」etc.

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