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Vending machines in Japan

Author:Yoko Nishimura-Parke



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Find out about vending machines in Japan, make a comparison with those in your own country, then reflect on what that tell us about society. 

Target Senior high school level or higher
Japanese Level Advanced
What to prepare


1. Questions to help students' comprehension
a) What inspired Nomura to start a blog about vending machines?
b) What unusual vending machines does Nomura introduce in this article? Give 3 examples.
c) Does Nomura think vending machines will increase in number, or decrease? Explain what he thinks about the future of vending machines.
d) What is オフィスファミリーマート? Explain.

2. Discussion points
e) What kind of vending machines do you have in your town?
f) Discuss the pros and cons of vending machines.
g) What kind of vending machines would you like to have at your school? Why?
h) Do you think it would be beneficial for students to have a cafeteria made up only of vending machines? Why do you think so?
i) Discuss the reasons why there are so many vending machines in Japan?

3. Creative task 
j) Research vending machines in Japan. Make a presentation about the unusual and interesting vending machines you found. Then prepare your presentation in Japanese.
Useful expressions.
・ これは~~の自動販売機です。
・ お金を入れると、~~が出てきます。
・ このボタンをおすと、~~します。

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