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Fashion Lovers Have a Go at National Competition!(For Junior)

Author:Nishimura-Parke Yoko

Topic/Goals:Clothing and Fashion、Communication、Comparison、Perspective


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Using the handout, students explore theJapanese high school students' experience and reflection of entering the nation wide competition, Fasshon Koshien, which was extended from their club activity. Other activities include: watching video of the Fasshon Koshien and choose the best one pretending to be judges and explain their reasons for their selection, designing clothes imaging they will enter the Fasshon Koshien next year.


* Deduce and learn the fashion and competition related expressions used in the interview by completing the activities.
* Summarise Shoko and Akane's feelings about difficulties and joy of going through the process of entering the Fasshon Koshien
* RecogniseJapanese high school students' immense interest and passion on fashion through reading the interview and watching Fasshon Koshien video, then share the experience by playing roles of judges and participants.

Target Junior High School Students
Japanese Level basic-intermediate
What to prepare


  1. Teacher distributes a handout 1 to each student. Teacher asks students to find new vocaburary in the article of the handout 1, write them down in their notebook and check the meaning in English.
  2. Teacher divides the class into groups of three and asks each group to read the interview taking roles of Interviewer, Shoko and Akane.
  3. Teacher distributes Handout 2 to the class and gives instructions to the students to work on the sections and questions. Teacher may want to select appropriate sections and activities to suit the class.
    Note Note:
    Section A consists of questions regarding vocaburary and expressions.
    Section B consists of questions comprehension of the content.
    Section C is open-ended tasks in which students apply their knowledge and use their imagination.

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