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Immigrating from Japan to New Zealand(for senior)

Author:Yoko Nishimura-Parke

Topic/Goals:Connection、Self, Family, and Friends、Social Environment


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A group of students from Canterbury University interviewed Mr. Shimizu, who immigrated to NZ and opened a Japanese restaurant in Christchurch. Students read a simplified section of the interview article and participate in activities on the topic of future plans and aspirations.


1) Students will read the simplified section of the interview article and learn about Mr Shimizu's aspirations and experiences.
2) Students will reflect on cultural similarities and differences by comparing a list of occupations desired by their classmates with a similar list made by Japanese students.
3) Students will talk about their aspirations and their reasons for them.
4) Students will think about ups and downs someone might experience while trying to achieve skills and successes in life, and they will create their own version of the Game of Life as a group.

Target Senior high school level or higher
Japanese Level Advanced
What to prepare


【Section A】 Activities based on the abridged article
1. Questions about the article
a) Where is Mr. Shimizu from?
b) When did Mr. Shimizu come to New Zealand for the first time?
c) When Mr. Shimizu was young, what did he want to become?
d) Why did Mr. Shimizu start working at the supermarket?
e) While working at the supermarket, what kind of knowledge and skills did Mr. Shimizu gain that made it possible for him to open a restaurant in Christchurch?

【Section B】 Activities about occupations

Top 10 occupations desired by high school students in Japan
男子がなりたい職業 女子がなりたい職業
1 IT関係・プログラマー 公務員(警察官・消防士など)
2 エンジニア 看護師
3 ゲームクリエーター 俳優・声優
4 公務員(警察官・消防士など) 教師
5 学者・研究者 インラストレーター・アニメーター
6 パイロット・運転手 保育士
7 教師 カウンセラー
8 会社員 デザイナー
9 プロスポーツ選手 学者・研究者
10 ユーチューバー 会社員
a) 下の職業名を、日本のトップ10リストを見ながら、日本語で書いてください。

Programmer Nurse
Engineer Public servant
Video game developer Police officer
Pilot Firefighter
YouTuber Scholar
Illustrator Researcher
Animator Teacher
Counselor Office worker
Designer Actor
IT-related Voice actor
Professional athelete Childcare worker

b) Why do many Japanese high school students want to be a 公務員(public servant, including police officers and firefighters)? Here are some answers given by Japanese students. Match the Japanese to its English equivalent.

A.安定しているからです。 1.Having experienced an earthquake,I wanted to do a job in which I could save people's lives.
B.社会の役に立ちたいからです 2.Because it offers stability(lit.Because it is stable.)
C.地震を経験して、人の命を助ける仕事をしたいと思ったからです。 3.Because I want to be helpful to society.

c) What is your aspiration for the future? With your partner, create a dialogue using the questions in the sample below.

Q: 将来、何になりたいですか。

A: 私は、将来、医者になりたいです。

Q: そうですか。どうして医者になりたいんですか。

A: 母が病気の時、お医者さんは大切な仕事だと思ったんです。だから、医者になるのは、むずかしいですけれど、しっかり勉強したいと思います。

Q: なるほど。がんばってくださいね。

d) What are the most popular occupations among your classmates? Collect data and make a Top 10 list in Japanese. (Use your dictionary skills where necessary.) Compare your list with the Top 10 list by Japanese students. Do you notice any similarities or differences?

【Section C】 Activities for students to think about life's milestones
Group work: Create a 人生ゲーム (Game of Life) in Japanese.
Think of ups and downs that someone might experience while trying to achieve skills and successes in life. Each member of the group writes a couple of clues and their point values in Japanese.
・ 高校をそつぎょうできた(+ 100ポイント)
・ 日本食のレストランでアルバイトを始(はじ)めた(+ 150ポイント)
・ 会社のしけんをうけたけれど、おちてしまった(-200ポイント)
See an example at
Each member writes in their clues and points on the game board prepared by the teacher. (Below is a sample game board. Adjust the size and the number of boxes accordingly.)
Alternatively, the teacher or the group leader collects the clues and values from each member and puts them together on the game board. This game can also be created online.


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