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Protecting animals' lives

Author:Yoko Nishimura-Parke

Topic/Goals:Connection、Daily Life、Link with Outside of Classroom、Self, Family, and Friends、Social Environment、Take Action


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Read the interview article about Mr. Sato, a member of the staff of Kanagawa Animal Protection Center, and learn about an animal protection center in Japan and Mr. Sato's efforts to protect animals' lives. Students then reflect on their own relationship with animals and develop greater empathy for animals through discussion. Students also create a poster to promote animal welfare.


(1) Students will gain knowledge about an animal center in Japan.
(2) Students will learn key vocabulary relating to pets and animal welfare.
(3) Students will reflect on their own relationship with animals and develop empathy for animals.
(4) Students will create a poster to promote animal welfare.

Target Junior high school to senior high School level
Japanese Level Intermediate to Advanced
What to prepare


1. Questions to help students' comprehension
a) When did Mr. Sato start working as a veterinarian?

b) Why did Mr. Sato want to work as a veterinarian?

c) When did Mr. Sato go to the UK?

d) Why did he go to the UK?

e) How long did he stay in the UK? What did he do there?

f) What kind of things did Mr. Sato notice in the UK?

g) Explain the problems of stray cats mentioned in this article.

h) Explain the problems of lost dogs mentioned in this article. What solution does Mr. Sato say needs to be considered?

i) On what kind of occasions does Mr. Sato feel especially happy to be working in the Center?

j) What does Mr Sato most want to do now? Why?

2. Discussion points
k) In what way(s) does Mr. Sato want to change the Center?

l) Why do you think Mr. Sato uses "san" after common nouns such as 「ボランティアさん」「かいぬしさん」? Discuss the difference in nuance from 「ボランティア」「かいぬし」.

m) What do people usually do when they want a pet? Do they visit one of the animal protection centers? Do they purchase a pet from a pet shop? Do they ask around among their friends? Discuss the best way to find a pet and the reasons it is better than other ways.

n) Do you come in contact with any animals in your daily life? What kind of animals are they? Think about your relationship with them. What do you give them and what do they give you? Do you think the relationship is fair?

3. Creative tasks
o) Using the information about stray cats and lost dogs in the article, create a poster for each of the following.
・A poster to invite people to the Center to find a new pet, especially to find a cat.
・A poster to raise public awareness of the importance of imbedding microchips in their pets.

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