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Food for Emergencies: Disaster Preparedness

Author:Yoko Nishimura-Parke

Topic/Goals:Body and Health、Comparison、Daily Life、Food、Global Issues、Link with Other Subjects、Link with Outside of Classroom、Self, Family, and Friends


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Study the importance of preparing ourselves in case of disaster, especially storing emergency food, which leads to a discussion of what we can do to protect ourselves. Then, by studying some simple recipes, learn about some examples of traditional Japanese dried ingredients. Compare these with ingredients familiar to students, then have students create their own recipes for emergencies.


• Read the interview of the disaster preparation expert and understand her advice about emergency food.
• Become more self-reliant through discussing how to prepare and protect themselves in emergency.
• Get to know Japanese dried ingredients and recipes.
• Create a recipe using non-perishable food.

Target Senior high school level or higher
Japanese Level Advanced
What to prepare


【Section A: Storing emergency food】
1. Questions to help students' comprehension
a) What was Ms. Imaizumi's experience at the time of the Tohoku Earthquake.
b) What did she realize through that experience? What does this have to do with her current job?
c) How much food does Ms. Imaizumi recommend people to stock?
d) What kind of food does Ms. Imaizumi recommend people to stock?
e) What advice did Ms. Imaizumi give about the way to stock emergency food?
f) What does Ms. Imaizumi say we can do right now?
g) At the end of the article, Ms. Imaizumi says やってみてください. What can you find out by trying to survive with just the stock you have with you now?

2. Discussion points
h) Ask each other to find out the following;
• あなたの家に、どんな非常食品がありますか。
• どこに、何日分くらい、しまってありますか。
Make a list of emergency food that you have. If you don't have any, what foods would you stock?
i) Discuss what you should do to prepare and protect yourself in case of a disaster. Make a list of things you could do.

【Section B: Recommended recipes】
1. Questions to help students' comprehension
a) List all the dried ingredients they use.
b) List all the canned ingredients they use.
c) Explain the common preparation method of these three recipes.

2. Discussion points
d) Among the ingredients listed here, which ingredients do you often use?
e) Which are the ones you have never used before?
f) Which menu would you like to try? Why?
g) If you could get any ingredient, which recipe would you want to try making?

3. Creative task 
h) What kind of non-perishable foods do you have in your home? Think of a recipe using only those ingredients. Write the recipe in Japanese. Be creative!
i) Share all the recipes created in class. Write a comment in Japanese for each recipe.
e.g. つくりやすいですね・おいしそうですね・つくってみたいです・食べてみたいですetc.

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