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Never Give Up On Your Dream

Author:Yoko Nishimura-Parke

Topic/Goals:Communication、Connection、Self, Family, and Friends、Social Environment、Social Life


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Students will read an article about Yummi, a solo artist, and learn about the obstacles she overcame and her effort to realize her dream. With Yummi's success story as an example, students will think about their own future dreams and aspirations, and ways to realize them.


・Students will read the article and learn about Yummi's challenges and the efforts she made .
・Students will envisage the relationship between Yummi and her parents as they create a conversation between them.
・From the article, students will learn what things are important for becoming a singer, and they will discuss whether these things apply to other professions. In doing so, students will think about transferable skills.
・Students will have an opportunity to think about their future plans and what to do step by step to achieve their goal.
・Students will learn useful vocabulary and expressions for talking about their aspirations.

Target Senior high school level or higher
Japanese Level Advanced
What to prepare


1. Questions to help students' comprehension

a) How did Yummi's family influence her career choice?

b) What was the reaction of Yummi's parents when she said she wanted to become a singer? How did Yummi respond?

c) Explain how things went when Yummi's debut was decided?

d) What things does Yummi say are necessary or important in order to become a singer? List them.

e) What does Yummi want to do in the future?

f) What is Yummi's message to you/readers?

2. Discussion points

g) How can we tell that Yummi's determination to become a singer has been strong since she was very young?

h)「『歌手になりたい』と言った時、両親はすごく反対した」 Why do you think her parents were against her career choice? Discuss.

i) Yummi adds さん after job titles (e.g. スタッフさん、エンジニアさん、スタイリストさん、ヘアメイクさん. Why do you think she adds さん? How different would it sound if she did not do this?

j) Have you ever wanted to do something but your parents said no? Did you try to do it despite your parents' objection, or did you stop doing it even though you still wanted to? Share your experience with your classmates.

k) Look at your answers for question D. Do you think these things are effective for other professions? Discuss whether they are effective for the professions your group members are interested in pursuing.

3. Creative tasks

When her debut was decided, Yummi called her parents to tell them the news. Write this conversation between Yummi and her parents.

m) You are an exchange student in Japan. The career advisor at school has asked your class to write your plans for the future. What do you want to be? What steps do you plan to follow in order to realize your dream? Fill in the form provided at the end of the abridged article.

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