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【Click Nippon News】 Worksheets for Online Learning: Masks and Hand Washing


Click Nippon News
June 18, 2020

【1】Reports from teachers

【2】Online teaching support


Schools have reopened in Japan, but the situation differs depending on the area and the particular school. Some schools are continuing with online teaching, and some have started face-to-face lessons with staggered schedules. What is the situation like at your school?

【1】Report from a teacher
I am concerned about how to improve the participation rate in my online lessons. Some students attend every lesson and take part in activities enthusiastically. I think some activities are going well: for example, listening practice between students, matching sentences and images, and reorganizing sentences into the correct order.
I am also interested to know what arrangements reopened schools have made to organize their students' attendance.

Please tell us about your teaching during the pandemic. Send us your information using the URL below. Answers are optional and can be brief.


We look forward to sharing our ideas and experience in this way.

【2】Online teaching support
In this issue, we introduce activities focused on making masks and hand washing. Wearing a handmade mask does not completely protect us from dust or viruses, but it helps to prevent the spread of infection. (https://sonaeru.jp/goods/handiwork/groceries/g-11/)
The worksheets have been designed so that students can work independently. Teachers can easily make changes to suit their students. There are three levels available: primary, junior high, and senior high. In the primary and junior-high levels, students are invited to make a simple mask and learn an effective way of washing their hands by viewing a video. They will also create a bilingual poster about hand washing. The senior-high level includes an abridged article about Japanese masks originally written by students from Tokyo International University based on their interview with an expert on masks. The students also have an opportunity to learn some Japanese onomatopoeias.
Through these activities, we will cover viewing skills, creative thinking, literacy, and cross-curriculum priorities.
Worksheets can be downloaded from the link below.

Click on the links below for samples of online games.
• Primary and Junior High: Onomatopoeias and actions which appear in the hand-washing song. https://www.studystack.com/quiz-3230554
Parts of hands shown in the hand-washing song. https://www.studystack.com/studyslide-3230552

• Senior High: Expressions used in the article. https://www.studystack.com/quiz-3230545




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