The TJF Sample Lesson Plans offer between 2 and 5 activities. Progressing through the set of ten lesson plans, students will be able to vicariously experience the process of encounter between people.
1   Portraits of the Seven Deai Students
2   Life History and Future Plans
3   Family
4   Friends and the People Around Us
5   Where I Live
6   A Day in the Life
7   Life at School
8   Club Activities
9   Eating Habits in Our Daily Lives
10 Journey to Visit the Seven Deai Students
The class duration, presumed class profile (including Japanese language level of students), and other guidelines presented in the Sample Lesson Plans are tentative, and teachers should make appropriate adjustments according to their particular class circumstances.

The Japanese provided in the Sample Lesson Plans (in sentence patterns/vocabulary to be studied, teacher instructions, the use of kanji/furigana on the worksheets, etc.) is set as a general guide throughout. Teachers should adjust the level and difficulty appropriately according to their students' proficiency. Particularly when employing the "Message," "My Story," photograph captions, and other text passages, teachers should select either Japanese or English based on the Japanese-language level of their students. *) Similarly, in holding a discussion, teachers may decide to alter the content and/or to use both Japanese and English, as necessary.

*) TJF plans to publish alternate versions of each text passage geared to different levels of Japanese-language abiity.

Although planned as basically self-contained and independent, each activity may also be combined with the activities that come before and after it to accomplish the goals of the lesson as a whole.

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