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Portraits of the Seven Deai Students  
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2001/10 Japan The Japan Forum Self, Family, and Friends
This lesson introduces the seven "Deai" students. Through getting to know the Deai students, students discover more about themselves and their classmates and cultivate empathy with their peers.

50 minutes/session x 4sessions

Self Introduction--Meeting with the Seven Deai Students (50 minutes)
Students meet with the seven Deai students for the first time. Using the video message, the pictures, and the "Portrait sheet" students put together a self-introduction for one of the seven Deai students. Students assume the role of their Deai student and present their "self-introduction." Class members generate questions based on the self-introductions.

Activity 1 Portrati sheet
Worksheet #1
Reading the Stories of the Deai Students (50 minutes)
Working in small groups, each group selects a "Deai" student, takes the questions produced in Activity 1 and reads the English story to find the answers to the questions. Groups present the information and their comments to the class.

Activity 2 Worksheet #2
Self Introduction--Myself and My Friends (50 minutes)
Students hypothesize about a group of people with different tastes and eating customs and then simulate a party. They may think about what kind of menu is appropriate and what types of things would be fun for the guests and themselves.

Activity 3 Worksheet #3
Worksheet #4
Searching for Similarities (50 minutes)
In groups, students choose one of the seven Deai students and make a list of similarities between the Japanese student they chose and the members of their group, record them on "Nite iru tokoro sagashi" worksheet, and present them to the whole class. Activity 4 Worksheet #5
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