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Life History and Future Plans  
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2001/10 Japan The Japan Forum Self, Family, and Friends
(1) Students learn about the growing up and dreams for the future of the seven Deai students through photographs and Japanese text.
(2) Students think back one’s own childhood, consider one’s dreams for the future and deepen self-awareness and understanding of others by telling others about them.

50 minutes/session x 3sessions

"Life Maps (Jinsei mappu)" of the seven Deai students (50 minutes)
Students look at the childhood photos of the seven Deai students and begin to form an image of them through their imagination. They get to know the Deai students better as they read the "My Story" parts of the text. Students complete the "Life Maps (Jinsei mappu)" worksheet, expressing in Japanese what they observe and what they have understood.

Activity 1 Worksheet #1
Worksheet #2
Event Drama (50 minutes)
Students put on a skit to convey which events in the "Growing Up" section impressed them most.

Activity 2  
My Own "Life Map" (50 minutes)
Students each create a "Life Map" showing their own childhood, growing up, and dreams for the future. As the students share their Life Maps, they develop greater self-awareness and understanding of others. Activity 3 Worksheet #2
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