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2001/10 Japan The Japan Forum Self, Family, and Friends
While observing the family lives and the relationships of the Deai students, think about the meaning and culture of the family they belong to.

First activity: 80 minutes
Second activity: 40 minutes
Third activity: 80 minutes
Fourth activity: 80 minutes

Sakai Michi and Her Family (80 minutes)
Students observe and understand the composition of the family of Sakai Michi and know the names, ages, hobbies, and character of each family member, and learn to express them in Japanese. Students observe her host family in Hokkaido, and become aware of the influence of family on the individual.
(Option: Students draw a diagram of their own family and compare it to Michi's family.)

Activity 1 Worksheet #1
Note 1
Note 2
Family Conversation (40 minutes)
Students should already have completed "Family," Activity 1. For the conversation practice included in the latter part of this activity, beginning students may speak in English. The object is to have students imagine and express the kinds of things Sakai Michi talks about with her own family and with her host family.

Activity 2 Note 3
Families of the Seven Deai Students (80 minutes)
Referring to the photos, captions, and "My Story" texts, students make introductions for the six Deai students other than Sakai Michi and introduce them to others. Students become aware of the diversity of the seven Deai students and their families.

Activity 3 Note 1
Home Stay (80 minutes)
Choosing one family from the families of the seven Deai students, students simulate a conversation they might have in that family if they were in a home-stay situation with them and present it to the class. Students have a vicarious experience of adjustment between different cultures. Activity 4 Note 4

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