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The web version of "Meeting People" series published in The Japan Forum Newsletter and Takarabako, which introduces the daily life, lifestyle, and ways of thinking of a certain person. The content will provide ways of understanding Japan through the eyes of individuals.

英文出版物The Japan Forum NewsletterTakarabakoに掲載された「Meeting People」シリーズのウェブ版です。実在する個人の生活、生き方、考え方などを紹介し、人を通して日本を理解する試みを提案します。

No. Month of Publication Title Link Activities
TB28 June-11

Akihiro, Ayumi, Issei, and Momoka: We Made Our Own Bento

[PDF] (922KB)  
TB27 March-11

Mikako: Young Energy Is Jazzing up Farming

[PDF] (1,200KB)  
TB26 December-10

Yuya and Hiroko: Family Bond in Love of Trains

[PDF] (873KB)  
TB25 September-10

The Deai Students: A Sequel

[PDF] (2,500KB)  
TB24 June-10 Aika: Sharing the Fun and Fascination of Shodo [PDF] (1,000KB)  
TB23 March-10 Shoko & Akane : Fashion Lovers Have a Go at National Competition! [PDF] (939KB)  
TB22 December-09 Natsuki & Fuyuki : Promoting Our Hometown Through NPO Activities [PDF] (751KB)  
TB21 September-09 Akane, Izuho, and Lisa: What We Have Gained, What We Have Lost [PDF] (892KB)
TB20 June-09 Keita & Asuka: Ecocon: Connecting the Environment [PDF] (1,240KB)
TB19 March-09 Shiori: Music and English, My Search for a Career to Use Both [PDF] (2,630KB)
TB18 December-08 Hiroshi, Atsushi, Isami, and Kita : Dreams of Creating Video Games [PDF] (1,120KB)
TB17 September-08 Sean: Finding Ways to Help Others [PDF] (1,110KB)  
TB16 June-08 Midoring: My Three Years Face-to-Face with Photography [PDF] (936KB)  
TB14 December-07 Saki: Valuable Lessons from Monkeys [PDF] (1,000KB)  
TB13 September-07 Yasuyo: Never Give up! [PDF] -  
TB12 June-07 A Robot Contest Team of the Tokyo National College of Technology: Love of Robots Makes for Strong Team Bonds [PDF] (736KB)  
TB11 March-07 Tario: New Encounters Through Kendama [PDF] (286KB)  
TB10 December-06 Waris: My Family is the Source of My Strength [PDF] (1,130KB)  
TB09 September-06 Yuki: I Love Soccer [PDF] (1,600KB)  
TB08 June-06 Mickey: Disney Opend Up My World [PDF] (1,560KB)  
TB01 September-04 Amada Yoshimasa: Finally I was able to see all around me [PDF] (4,780KB)
NL32 March-04 Meet Chiya [PDF] (1,920KB)
NL31 December-03 Meet Kojiro [PDF] (386KB)  
NL30 September-03 Meet Taka [PDF] (1,024KB)
NL29 June-03 Meet Yu [PDF] (2,651KB)
NL28 March-03 Meet Kanta [PDF] (430KB)
NL27 December-02 Meet Yoo Jin [PDF] (430KB)
NL26 September-02 Meet Shun'ichi [PDF] (483KB)
NL25 June-02 Meet Michi [PDF] (311KB)
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NL24 March-02 Meet Shiro [PDF] (835KB)  
NL22 September-01 Meet Nana [PDF] (351KB)  
NL21 September-01 Meet Kumiko [PDF] (439KB)  
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