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Takarabako is a quarterly English-language publication (June, September, December, March) that provides information useful to Japanese-language teachers. It is distributed to elementary and secondary teachers engaged in Japanese language education, education for understanding Japan and global education, mainly in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the U.K, and U.S.
Each issue introduces and provides variety of resources and information, with two features; a series of interview articles introducing the daily life, lifestyle, and ways of thinking of a certain person; and a series introducing topics about Japan. The content will include material through which elementary and secondary school students can broaden their awareness of language and culture and also of themselves, through understanding of Japan and Japanese. The content will provide, at the same time, ways of understanding Japan through the eyes of individuals as well as furnish information about "Japan today" that may be helpful in the classroom.


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7 March
The Deai Photo Essay Cafe Japan Visitation Program
The Deai—Real Encounter—Brought by a Photo Resource
Introduction, p. 1 [PDF] 1,330KB
Izena Study Tour, pp. 2-5 [PDF] 5,200KB
Photo Essay Projectt, pp. 6-11 [PDF] 6,900KB
Program Schedule, pp. 12-13 [PDF] 2,980KB
Thoughts and Reflections, pp. 14-19 [PDF] 5,010KB
Summary, p.20 [PDF] 423KB
- - -
6 December
From Akiba to the World!
Striving to Become a Top Digital Content Hub

[PDF]1,880KB Worksheet for Activity-1
Worksheet 1 for Activity-2
Worksheet 2 for Activity-2
5 September
TJF Photo Data Bank
Japanese Classes Using Photographs from the TJF Photo Data Bank

[PDF]536KB Handout for Activity-1
Handout for Activity-3
4 June
The Japanese Language Boom
Renewed appreciation for the beauty and pleasure of the language

[PDF]1,120KB Picture cards: kappa
1 2 3 4 
Picture cards: iruka
1 2 3 4
Picture cards:jesture
1 2 3
(Illustrations: Maeda Sumiko)
More exlanation and activities

3 March

The Lives of Japanese Elementary School Students
"Hi, Nice to Meet You, We're Grade6 Class 1 of Sakura Elementary School"


[PDF]811KB - -
2 December
Convenience Stores: "Can't Live Without Them!?"

[PDF]2,420KB [PDF]399KB -
1 September
Amada Yoshimasa
"Finally I was able to see all around me."

[PDF]698KB [PDF]890KB -

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