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After reading the stories by Tamaki Shun’ichi, Yoo Yoo Jin, and Yamamoto Takayuki, can you guess which one wrote each of the following paragraphs? Please write the reasons for your choice.

“Pick your own path and enjoy it.” These words of one of my elementary school teachers have been my guide ever since I was little. Your dreams and goals shouldn’t be decided by others, but by you yourself. When I’ve decided to do something myself, I believe in it and see it through.

When I was in high school, I thought “people are really hard to figure out,” but now I love people. I think “human beings are wonderful.”

In high school, I thought a lot about the issue of “nationality.” I thought it was more important to consider the culture people were brought up in than what their formal nationality is. Now that I am in a quite different environment from high school, I’m no longer so conscious of the nationality issue.


1. Yamamoto Takayuki
2. Tamaki Shun'ichi
3. Yoo Yoo Jin

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