Dec 22.'06
Lesson Plan: "Find your DEAI student!" (by Ms.Yukiko Ehara)
Mar 30.'06


Deai Photo Essay Cafe: You can post your feedback about the photo essays!


포토에세이에 소감이나 질문을 보낼 수 있게 되었습니다.


国際交流基金日米センター(CGP)が開発した、「であい」を使った米国の中高校の社会科向けレッスンプラン集「Snapshots from Japan: 7人の高校生の素顔」にリンクをはりました。
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We linked to the curriculum materials Snapshots from Japan: The Lives of Seven Japanese High School Students, developed by the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (CGP) primarily for use in middle and junior high school social studies classes.
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Mar.24.'06 NEW


We opened a Deai Website Tour, useful guide to start with the Deai website.

July 27,'04
Alternate version of captions for profile photos by Mr. Mitsuo Yazaki
May 20,'04
Try to download the four Flash games in
"Lesson Plan: The Meaning of Fashion" Instructions are written in each activity plans.
April 9,'04
TJF DEAI-mail No.22: The distribution of Deai kits has finally reached an end except New Zealand
Jan. 5, '04
Lesson Plan: "The Meaning of Fashion" (by Ms.Michiko Yazawawa)