Lesson Plan No.ymi_cloth1
Unit I: What Are We Wearing?  
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2003/1 Canada Yazawa Michiko 矢澤理子
Alberta Learning (Ministry of Learning, Alberta)
Clothing and Fashion
Students study what the Deai students are wearing, learn basic vocabulary related to wearing clothes, and apply their knowledge in a classroom setting to describe their own clothes.


Introduction to clothing vocabulary
Using the Deai photos, the teacher introduces clothing items to the students.

Activity 1 Game: Nandesuka? [Dowload]
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A vocabulary game using sticky notes
Students are given a note card labeled with a classmate's clothing items and they must find the person who matches their card. The one who finds the person on his/her card fastest wins the game.

Activity 2
Describing the clothes someone wears
Students learn verbs used to express "wearing" clothes for the upper and lower halves of the body. In pairs, the students describe their partner's clothes.

Activity 3

Activity 4

Game: Nani o kiteimasuka?
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Game: Watashi no fashion 1
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Game: Watashi no fashion 2
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